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South Carolina Attorneys Guiding You Toward An Estate Plan That Fits Your Business Or Family

At Caturano & Caturano, L.L.C, we believe that financial security and peace of mind begin with planning for the future. By drafting a will or estate plan, you not only protect your assets and interests should something unfortunate befall you, but you also protect your family from having to go through an unnecessarily difficult probate process.

No Matter Your Financial Situation, It Pays To Prepare For The Future

By writing a will or estate plan you're making arrangements for the wealth and assets you've worked hard to build over the course of many years. If you have recently filed for divorce, possess a complex estate, have investments or work-related benefits or own a family business, it's even more important to compose legal documents outlining the succession of your business or distribution of your benefits, investments and assets.

We can help you draft and implement a variety of future-planning documents, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estate plans
  • Health care powers of attorney
  • Financial powers of attorney

The truth is, many people fail to draft a will or estate plan before it is too late. Some put it off thinking they have plenty of time, others may think they don't have enough assets to warrant the effort. With years of experience helping businesses and individuals in all types of legal matters, we have witnessed firsthand the numerous benefits of future planning. In addition to protecting the wealth you've accumulated, you can also save your loved ones time, money and a substantial amount of grief by working with our lawyers to implement a will or estate plan.

Peace Of Mind Starts With Contacting Our Law Firm

If you are considering writing a will or have questions regarding trusts and estate planning, reach out to us at Caturano & Caturano, L.L.C. Whether you are a small-business owner, have recently gone through a divorce or simply wish to know your family is protected should something happen to you, contact our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, law office and schedule a consultation at 843-414-5202. For a consultation at our Alexandria, Virginia office, call 703-842-0252.

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